About Us


Joe Woodland lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and children. Designing patriotic artwork has been real enjoyable to him. The Starspangled flag was inspired by trying to combine art and education at the same time. I wanted a flag that looked like a normal flag from across the room, but then really stood out when you got up close. I designed the Cross of Freedom and Symbols of Freedom  as a response to people who want God out of everything public. 

       Personally, he believes America is a blessed country and God plays an important role in it.  Joe started to produce lenticular/holographic images because he thought it would be nice to have two or three pictures in one. Even though Joe never served in the military, he appreciates those who do. He considers them heroes. His oldest daughter attended The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. He also considers anyone else like law enforcement and firefighters, as heroes and soldiers. Anyone who puts their life on the line for someone else is a hero and soldier.

       Joe also likes sports. He is currently a high school referee for football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball.  The Golf Trio has been fun. Joe commissioned Kevin Nicoll to illustrate and capture three famous golfers in their nickname features. The Golden Bear, The Shark, and Tiger will all go down in golf history as three of the greats and seeing them as their nicknames has been fun for both older golfers and young. 

     Joe is launching a new line of artwork based on movie characters starting with Hollywood Baseball. In 2016 he will have movie westerns, soldiers, cops, spies, fire, boxers, etc.